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Information is an important resource in the risk of becoming out of control. Its exponential growth over the last fifty years accounts for half of the information we have available today. But mere data accumulation doesn't make our society evolve; the rational, organized, productive and intelligent use of information is an essential factor of progress. Organizations, businesses, social groups, public administrations and individuals have got the ability of transforming all that amount of information into intelligible and productive knowledge.

The management of the information resource, its storage, processing and dissemination has undergone an authentic revolution led by the new technologies. The growth of integrated Dbases has been meaningful, allowing for documents to be more readily available via PC. The paradigms, models and methods for processing and organizing information have also undergone significant changes matching the electronic era, putting special emphasis in the development of cognitive, structured, and extremely refined value-added products. The immaterial contents are the driving forces for the growth of economies, making the management of information and knowledge the key for the competitiveness. Starting from the information society, the evolution is toward a knowledge society whose biggest value, the intellectual capital, underlies the ability of humanity to think and create. Ideas, initiatives and the creative efforts of individuals and organizations are the main values of societies. This enormous potential becomes even larger when is shared by means of the information and communications technologies; networks allow for the interconnection of human beings combining intelligence, knowledge and creativity.

CYBERABSTRACTS portal is a specialized directory in abstracts and abstracting. With the goal of being a tool for abstractors and specialists in library and information science, this pioneer academic initiative has been developed by professor Maria Pinto, a well known expert in abstracts and abstracting with national and international publications. Partly financed by a regional Andalusian research program, the work was formally started in April 1999, having finished in July 2005. The structure of the portal is academic, intuitive and ergonomic; it offers information on CYBERABSTRACTS' philosophy, the team, its contents, objectives, evaluation methodology and the general conditions of use. Easy to surf: the contents are structured in easy-to-find categories and sub-categories and it incorporates an advanced search engine that allows you to quickly retrieve information with any keyword you enter.


Director: © Maria Pinto (UGR)

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