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Product Release

Text Analysis International's flagship product, VisualText 1.7 is now available. This version includes substantial fixes and enhancements, e.g., enabling text analyzers to call each other conveniently.  To get the Trial Version, go to our Sign-up page.

Quick Tour

Take a quick 6-page tour of this innovative IDE for building, using, and maintaining information extraction systems, natural language processing systems, and text analyzers.

In-depth Tour

Take an in-depth tour of VisualText by exploring the corporate analyzer application.  This analyzer demonstrates the major features of VisualText and illustrates why it is the choice for writing text analyzers.


NLPPPLogoMed.gifVisualText is an Integrated Development Environment for deep text analysis applications.  Think of it as Visual C++ for Natural Language Processing applications.  It accelerates the development of accurate, fast, and highly maintainable text analyzers.  It features NLP++ -- a new C++ -like programming language for quickly elaborating  grammars, patterns, heuristics, and knowledge.

Click here for more details.

Online Help

The complete VisualText Help documentation is now available online.

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