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Industry's most comprehensive data mining suite has just gotten better!

  Text OLAP
Define dimensions of interest to be considered in text exploration and quickly dissect the results of the analysis across various combinations of these dimensions    More...
  Taxonomy- based categorization
PolyAnalyst provides simple means for creating, importing and managing taxonomies, and carries out automated categorization of text records against existing taxonomies    More...
  Link Analysis
Visualize relationships that are useful and quantifiable    More...
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Learn more about PolyAnalyst and how it can improve your business processes.
Click here to read more about TextAnalyst ...  Text Mining with TextAnalyst
TextAnalyst navigates oceans of documents to deliver the most important information.
  • Effectivly summarize multiple documents
  • Develop tree-like topic structure
  • Perform natural language queries
  • Click here to read more about WebAnalyst ...  Web Mining with WebAnalyst
    WebAnalyst powers the backbone of web based analytics.
  • Enable web-based reporting
  • Automate analytical processes
  • Read More about X-SellAnalyst  Make real-time product recommendations...
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    Latest News

    Sergei Ananyan of Megaputer speaks about "Discovering Hidden Threats Through Data and Text Mining" at the
    Homeland Security Conference
    February 26, 2004

    Megaputer Intelligence Inc. has partnered with Prentice Hall and provided a suite of Megaputer data analysis software tools to accompany two new Prentice Hall books.

    Megaputer completes the analysis of flight safety data for Southwest Airlines.

      Attn: Educators

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